Asking The BEST Question


For the most focused and accurate reading, form your question before you face your Reader. Preparation is the key to all successes.

What type of question should you ask?

  1. A question should be focused but also open-ended.
    • What are this person’s intentions toward me? (4-Card)
    • What are my options in [starting a new venture]? (10-Card)
    • How do I resolve this [argument, situation, unpleasant experience? (4- to 10-card reading)
    • In what area of my life do I need improvement?  (12-card reading)
  2. As you handle the cards (gently, please), think of your question.
    • Focus on the question and leave all other concerns outside the intimate setting of a reading.
    • Pour all your emotion (i.e. anxiety, hurt, fear) into the cards as you shuffle.
    • When you feel your question has infused the cards, set them before the Reader
  3. You do not have to use the questions above to guide your reading, but the content must be specific.
    • The Tarot reflects your focus.
    • If you are uncertain, the Tarot may reflect the information that you need most.
    • Also, the Tarot may layout some gobbedly – gook that reflects your lack of focus.
  4. Do not waste the Reader’s time or your money if you aren’t certain about your question.
    • I.O. genuinely wants to help you live your best life.
    • I.O. may refuse to read anyone at any time to protect both parties (This is the only time a refund will be permitted)
    • Neither your mother, best friend, husband, nor any other person is permitted to attend your reading. From experience, I.O. has observed the following:
      • Jealousies and other negative emotions arise in the extra person
      • Sabotage is a real concern
      • The extra person offers unwanted interruptions and may be the subject of the reading if their vibrations are stronger than yours

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