The Tarot and Entanglement


Mystery surrounds the art of the Tarot. Often associated with witches and sorcerers, agents of the Christian devil, the Tarot has been imbued with “supernatural” qualities. By association, the reader of such cards has the same reputation. Even today, there are well-intentioned individuals who are terrified of a Tarot reading.

Fortunately, the discoveries in subatomic physics has shed some light on how this “magical” tool might work. Over the next few posts, we’ll be exploring certain principles of subatomic physics that will pierce the veil of mystery surrounding the cards.

The principle of today’s post is Entanglement. This principle entails the sharing of similar qualities and even physical matter between two or more particles. Let’s have a look at identical twins, first.

Identical twins are fascinating because their existence is due to the division of one zygote into two separate but identical zygotes. They share the same DNA, very similar physical characteristics, and often are raised together to exhibit similar behavior patterns.

But what happens if twins are separated at birth? Maybe one twin is adopted or both are adopted by different families. There are documented cases of separated twins exhibiting the same behaviors and preferences even thousands of miles away. Why is this?

If you divide an orange in half and put one half in each of two lunch boxes, are these halves still oranges? Do their basic properties change? Will one half now taste different from the other? Even though they may experience different fates, in different lunch boxes and different cafeterias, eaten by different people, has their existence as oranges changed?

How is it that you can look almost exactly like your Great Uncle Bob when he had nothing to do with creating you? How is it that some people can sense when something is wrong with a loved one?


The word means just what you think it does in this context. There exists a relationship between two elements that have been separated from a common source.

An experiment that illustrates the concept begins with the division of particle X. Particle X divided becomes particles A and B. Particle A is sent to an accelerator on the East coast, while particle B is sent to an accelerator on the West coast.

Imagine our particles going to different schools. Each particle is surrounded by particles of different sorts that have no relation to any of the other particles, whether on the East or West coasts. Everyone is following the teachers’ instructions by spinning clockwise in an orderly fashion.

Here’s the amazing part. An outside force is applied to particle A that makes the particle spin counter-clockwise. On the other side of the country, over three thousand miles away and almost simultaneously, particle B also spins counter-clockwise though there isn’t an outside force instructing it to do so.

How does this principle translate into a Tarot reading?

It’s an accepted fact that dust in a home is the accumulated shedding of skin cells by its occupants. That’s how a house becomes a home. Humans also transfer bodily fluids to everything touched by bare skin, including other humans. Lifting fingerprints from a glass is an example.

A tarot deck is no different. The reader’s oils infuse the deck with essence. I’ve seen decks so well-used that the cards are worn at the edges but the images are still glossy and vivid. The oil of the reader’s constant touch has transformed the cards into a deck of near parchment quality.

Once the cards are shuffled by the client, the client’s oils are left on the deck. The cards become particle X, while the reader and client become particles A and B. The cards entangle the reader and the client with each other temporarily and the reader’s intuition can decipher the meanings of the cards as understood by the client.

Is this ability a gift? Is it “supernatural?” I’m offering a solid, irrefutable no. Like a muscle, the intuition is developed. Like playing a sport, some people have a natural ability to do well while others must work hard to keep up. It’s a spectrum of ability and genetics and environment both play parts.

I’ll discuss the “gift” part of the equation in a post about Intuition. Keep in mind that I am not a quantum physicist, and I can only offer my interpretation of what the experiments and theories mean to the specific subject I discuss.

I whole-heartedly encourage you to do your own investigation into the subatomic world. There are some very practical dissertations on the subject, written in plain words that illustrate the concepts rather than expecting the reader to have prior knowledge of the subject.

I highly recommend Mike Talbot’s The Holographic Universe to start your journey. This was the book that reeled me into reading more about the fascinating and unseen fabric of existence.

There is so much about the Universe that we haven’t explored, but new doors are opening to inquiring minds. Set aside preconceived notions and peek into a new world of understanding.

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