Intuition and Intuitives


Intuition is equivalent to a sport like field hockey or an art like painting. Everyone knows of these disciplines and was, at least once in their lives, forced to engage in both at some point before the age of 18.

Those with a natural inclination and a love for the sport go on to play in more difficult matches with others who match or exceed their skill level. They train, they practice, they invest time in learning strategy, and they invest money in the best equipment.

This “metaphor” applies to every endeavor in which anyone participates. You could be the best janitor or car mechanic. You could excel at research or whatever type of work you do to put food on the table. We all have a predisposition for certain abilities and the idea is to develop them. Even a serial killer, like Dexter, is a master in the art of murdering people.

Intuition is no different. Unfortunately, the few children who do have raw skill in this Art have it “beaten” out of them. Often the talent is suppressed to operate in the “real” world. The fear and propaganda surrounding this ability has placed many in mortal danger over the centuries.

Our bodies are amazing. We breathe, digest food, bask in beautiful sunsets, and eat delicious food. We also think about subjects that go beyond just staying alive. Our brains record every sight, every sound, every touch, every taste, ad nauseum et infinitum.

Your body knows that to survive, you can’t process all the sensations at once. The sights and sounds that don’t contribute to survival are filed away in the subconscious. Once the filing is complete, most of us never look at the information again except for in dreams.

Intuitives are those people who have a skill to access the subconscious, analyze the information, and make deductions that “predict” an outcome. They are aware of every facial expression, the way your body moves, and are known to have a soul-stare, an uncomfortable moment when your deepest hopes and fears are viewed like a book or movie.

All the information comes together, and years of observation hone the intuition until it is a well-developed muscle.

Everyone has this muscle. Anyone can develop this muscle to a certain degree. But just like a painter, you must practice over and over. Good training exercises are meditation and mindfulness, which I will explain in another post.

There is nothing “supernatural” about Intuitives and this post hopefully will give those with the predisposition an explanation of how their “wiring”, their sensitivities, are neurological functions rather than a “curse” from some outside force.

My hope is to dispel the superstitions surrounding the seers and mediums. I want you to know when someone is “playing” at being a “psychic” and those who are truly gifted.

I can’t predict your future, but I can help you create your future.

©2018 I.O. Kirkwood. All rights reserved.

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