Observation, Co-Creation, and Cats


First let’s talk about cats. I know some of you love cats. I know some of you hate cats. I know some of you don’t give two figs about cats, but Schrodinger’s cat is special.

Schrodinger’s cat “lives” in a box with two dishes of food. One dish holds nice, yummy food. The other dish holds not so nice, poisoned food. The cat is hidden in the box and no one can see inside the box.

Who cares if the cat is hidden, right? Schrodinger cared because he was trying to prove a point. Human observation helps define reality. He called it a paradox.

Time is one of those principles. We have created large segments of time: centuries, decades, years. We have also created smaller segments of time to organize our daily lives: seconds, minutes, days.

We all know that time isn’t something we can touch despite the planners and calendars that flood the market around Christmas time. Humans, and only humans, have created time here on this planet. It is a construct created by our observation of the rising and setting of the sun, the cycles of the moon, and the life cycles of flora, fauna, and even ourselves.

We are the observers. In observing we are co-creators who agree on the principles of our current reality. Gravity, blue skies, green grass, and the seasons are all events that we as a collective have observed and experienced. If we weren’t here to observe and experience this reality, would it exist? If a tree fell in a forest and no one was around to hear it, did it make a sound?

Meditate on the sound of one hand clapping while we’re at it.

I guess you’re wondering what happened to the cat, right? The cat is in the box and no one can see the cat. We have multiple choices:

  1. the cat doesn’t eat any of the food, though Schrodinger made sure the cat was hungry (a control in the experiment), or
  2. the hungry cat eats the yummy food and lives (the time allotted for the cat to choose was also controlled), or
  3. the cat eats the poisoned food and dies, or
  4. the cat has a stroke and dies before it can eat the food (this cannot be controlled), or
  5. I think you get where I’m going with this…

Until the box is opened, the cat exists in every state of reality at the same time. Those who love cats hope the cat lives. Those who despise cats hope the cat “bites it.” Those with the figs they hoard are only mildly curious about what has happened to the cat.

The box is finally opened. When the cat is observed, every state of existence collapses into one event. Alive or dead, we have observed the final results. Our observation helps to create the result.

How does this relate to the Tarot? This “mystical, divination” tool becomes a cat in a box. As the client shuffles the cards, as the client asks the question, all possibilities exist at the same time.

When the cards are cast, all those possibilities collapse into what the reader and the client will observe. The casting, a good dose of intuition, and oodles of life experience is used by the reader who empowers the client to be aware of obstacles and talents they possess that will shape the future.

The client’s response to the cards is my first observation. Observation is my “super-power.” One of my colleagues calls it “I.O. magic.” A good reader often has this ability and it is a neurological wiring that often runs in families.

Throughout history, others have called it “witch craft” or labeled the person as “queer” or “touched.” The ability of these rare individuals scared those who didn’t have the predilection for this kind of intuition. I often was ridiculed and bullied because I could “divine” the true motives of the people around me. I discussed intuition and Intuitives in a previous post.

It’s not “magic.” It’s not “psychic.”

Another colleague, a reader and coach located in the DC metropolitan area is emphatic when she says she is not a psychic. With the help of the cards, she nudges her clients in directions that represent unformed realities. How they choose to observe those realities is up to them.

That’s why I can’t “predict” your future. I can only help you shape the life you want.

©2018 .O. Kirkwood. All rights reserved, text only. The image may be subject to copyright.

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