Bose-Einstein Condensates & Party Poopers


Bose and Einstein, with much of the theoretical controls excluded for the sake of simplicity, discovered that if a stronger vibration was introduced to a group of particles that vibrated at roughly the same rate, the stronger vibration would overwhelm the other particles to a degree in which many of them would align themselves to the stronger vibration (usually of a longer wavelength).

Of course, in the actual experiment it’s super cold and all the particles gather together to “keep warm.” There’s all kinds of nifty things going on such as the condensates creating a new form of matter. But the below is my take

Imagine a room full of particles, all vibrating at the same relative wavelength. Let’s say the particles are attending a wedding and all the particles are happy because of the event (shorter wavelength).

As the preacher particle asks, “If anyone can show just cause why these particles should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace.” The doors burst open and the ex-boyfriend of particle A (particle Y) enters the chapel (longer wavelength).

The party-pooper particle Y announces, “These two should not be married. They are brother and sister and I have proof.” A cold wave of confusion lengthens the wavelengths of all those attending.

Some particles are thinking of how horrible it would have been if the news came after the ceremony. Others were annoyed that there wouldn’t be a reception with the open bar. A select few couldn’t care, but Particle W, who is married to the father of the two particles, faints and…you get the idea.

The vibrational rate of the event has pretty much tanked. Simplified to an alarming degree, this is how a Bose-Einstein condensate works. It is a model of how the Universe behaves on all levels of existence to a greater or lesser degree.

How does this theory relate to the Tarot?

Often, my clients enter each reading with a dash of trepidation. What will the cards tell them? Many enter the reading with fear, which is the default setting in the human brain.

As the reader, my vibrational rate seeks the vibrational rate of my client. This is that “super-power” I’ve spoken about. My client is the particle Y. After that, one of three things might happen.

  1. My client receives a comprehensive and empowering reading on the question asked, or
  2. The client enters the reading and asks a question about romantic love, but:
    a. My client’s mother is in hospice, and
    b. This issue is the foremost in my client’s mind, and
    c. Romantic love is not in the cards. Instead,
    d. The cards reveal that yes, my client’s mother will shed this mortal coil soon, and
    e. There will be issues that my client must address, and
    f. I will validate my client’s many confusing and even contradictory feelings, and
    g. I will ask questions that help my client develop a plan of action.
    h. The reading, and my intuition, selected the strongest vibration to address.
  3. My client has arrived with questions to ask but can’t decide, and:
    a. Multiple concerns, all warring for my client’s attention are present, and
    b. My client is ambivalent when shuffling the deck, and
    c. My client’s vibrations swing like a pendulum through a spectrum of worries, and
    d. The reading shows the confusion, and
    e. The casting is a mix of every one of my client’s concerns and
    f. I can’t untangle the threads of vibrations.

I’m only human. I can’t pretend that the cards revealed a specific issue to address. I can’t, and don’t want, to lie to my client. Up front, I tell my client, “Let’s cast the cards again. Focus on one question and reshuffle.”

I’m not going to tell my clients what they want to hear. I’m going to tell them what they need to hear. If you want a reading, be ready to talk about what’s really bothering you. Asking about your love life when you might lose your job, is counterproductive.

This is how a reading works. No hocus-pocus, no supernatural abilities, and no turbans and rings on every finger. I will attend your appointment in a nice top and a pair of slacks, hair brushed, and a whole lot of ready-to-help (I might even wear some makeup(!)).

I don’t “predict” your future. I help you create your future.

©2018. I.O. Kirkwood. All rights reserved, text only. Image may be subject to copyright.

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