Strength image

Strength is a Major Arcana card and one of the first ten cards in the deck. Strength’s numerological influence is the number 8.

Eight is the ouroboros if you set it on its side and represents the Power of self-mastery. Eight represents a cycle of self-mastery in the human experience, one that occurs repeatedly and hopefully builds on the foundation created by the previous cycle.

In this card, we see a woman, dressed in white, flowers in her hair, with her hands gently resting on the lion’s face as if to tame the lion. The lion is truly a wild thing, “broken” to her yoke. There is no civilization and the safety it represents is far away.

Place yourself in the woman’s perspective. What does it feel like emotionally? Physically? Record your observations in the creative expression that suits you.

The placement of Strength in a reading as well as the surrounding cards will influence the meaning. Since Strength is a principle of human experience, one that expresses from the inward out, the process is occurring within the client.

To me, Strength speaks of taming desires that sabotage well-being.  The client is the woman and the lion at the same time.

Will discipline or wildness prevail? Perhaps there will be a blending of the two, a process that will empower the client to use the wildness through discipline to manifest a desired outcome.

There are many interpretations of Strength. You must choose the one that resonates with you. Eventually you will develop your own understanding of this card.

©2018. I.O. Kirkwood. All rights reserved for text. Image may be subject to copyright.

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