Judgment – The Card of Harvests



Here we have Gabriel sounding the Horn. Beneath rises the sacred trinity of man, woman, and child, from sarcophagi, with arms raised and faces shining with joy. The Rapture has begun.

Judgment is a card of swiftness and cycles. It seems that our woes or our victories come upon us so suddenly, even arbitrarily. This is a card of not just harvests, but also of sowing and tending.

Ye shall reap what ye sow. Ye shall sow what ye reap.

A poor harvest generates equally poor seeds with which to plant again. This can become a cycle of self-defeat. You watch others as they revel in their bounty year after year because they have planted good seeds, reaped good harvests, and now have good seeds with which to sow again.

If you are experiencing bad harvests in an area of your life, Judgment points the way out. Judgment encourages you to “prep” the soil of your goal, “tend” the progress, and “harvest” better outcomes.

Weeds that may choke your crops are:

  1. Negative self-talk (Positive self-talk)
  2. Envy (v. Good will)
  3. Impulsiveness (v. Self-mastery)
  4. Ignorance (v. Mindfulness)
  5. Fear (v. Courage)
  6. Laziness (v. Experience)
  7. Helplessness (v. Empowerment)

Judgment is an instrument that works upon the human spirit as a winnower does to wheat. It does no good to keep the chaff but so many of us do. Some of us wouldn’t be able to identify the wheat because we are so undernourished in knowledge, self-awareness, and hands-on experience. We settle for the chaff in life and even glorify it so that we don’t feel cheated.

Fortunately, Judgment is a harbinger of the breath between one growing season and the next. When Judgment appears in your future, you can select your seeds carefully by looking into your past. When Judgment appears in your past, it reveals the patterns of sowing, tending, and harvest in your life.

The Tarot is a tool for self-enrichment. The cards make the book of your life and the Reader is the Rosetta Stone of that book. Combined with Life Purpose Coaching, the cards become your advisers on the path to success and personal fulfillment.

©2018. Tarot by IOK. All rights reserved for text. Image may be subject to copyright.

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