What is Tarology?


Tarology (n): The study and application of the spiritual guidance of the 78 cards of the Tarot.

Tarologist (n): A person who practices Tarology.

I figured this would be a better word to describe what I do. I am not a counselor with a medical license. I’m not performing divination. I might be “psychic” but I’ve developed the muscle over the years.

Most people expect Tarot readings to be just like the movies. Like everything else, the movie does not accurately depict the reality. A movie’s purpose is to tell a story, and from my own experience, stories are dressed up exaggerations of real life situations.

Will I have candles? If that’s what you want. This is your reading.

Will there be a crystal ball? I have one, but I use that as a global focus. I can set it out so it looks mysterious with the flickering candles.

Incense? You bet, but only if you ask. Being sensitive to some chemicals myself, I want to make sure that you aren’t in discomfort while we discuss your concerns.

These are all tools to set a mood. I prefer the warmly lit intimacy of a counseling room, where you are soothed and given the chance to stop and think clearly about what you face.

Predictions? Nothing here. If that’s what you expect from a Tarologist, I will disappoint you six ways to Sunday. I can, based on my experience, say this:

Reality is fluid. Reality is created by observers. If someone in your reality, including you, has already acted or decided but you aren’t aware of said action or decision, it will come out. It will “look” like I “predicted” the event. It only “looks” that way because the realities have already collapsed.

Guidance? Yes, this I can do. I can show you the elements that affect a situation. I cannot tell you that Aunt Marjorie is the bitch behind all your troubles, but I’ll be able to determine that an evil bitch is working against you.

Any reader who claims that they can predict the future is not completely honest about how the Tarot works. The cards are only a reference to the 78 life experiences of humanity. Years of study must be given to the Art.

Journaling, meditation, numerous card castings, and a knack for comprehending the archaic English translations from the 1500s to present day is what is required to take an intuitive gift and make it into a practice that will help others. And a lot of soul searching.

Soul searching will be a requirement demanded of the client. You must want to change your life rather than rely on parlor tricks that distract and misinform. You must want to be the very best you that’s within your reach at the time.

Progress may only be achieved in increments of well-being and one session will only be the initiation of your journey. How frequently you check in will be up to you, but I will give you the tools to be self-directing in the creation of your best life.

Check out my services page. I can do readings face-to-face in Hampstead, MD; via Skype or Google Hangouts; or over the phone. Each of these methods have been tested rigorously over the years.

Live your best life. The rest of the world will thank you.

©2018. I.O. Kirkwood. All rights reserved for text. Image may be subject to copyright.

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