The Court Cards & the Unexpected

The Court Cards

I’ve always had difficulty with the 16 court cards. Not with the suits, but with the modalities of energy and the zodiac.

Many readers interpret the court cards as people, but I’ve learned that the court cards can be internal aspects of an individual or an indication of where some situation is in development.

I’ve also had this weird breakthrough as far as the assignment of modalities and zodiac signs are concerned.

There are three modalities and 12 zodiac signs. As noted above, we have 16 court cards of four each in four suits. The math isn’t adding up. I like my math to add up.

I’ve been puzzling over this dilemma for thirty years now and the other day it occurred to me:

One of the court cards is an occult blind. Maybe these four cards of the four suits were added to throw off the uninitiated. Or, maybe these four cards represent something more familiar.

Below, I have provided an explanation of modalities and how they apply to groups of court cards.

Knights are Cardinal energy, which is new beginnings and has a thrusting, forceful quality to it.

Queens are Mutable energy, which is the transition between two modes of energy and has a fluid, shifting quality to it.

Kings are Fixed energy, which is foundations and has a stable, grounded quality to it.

In addition to the modalities, there are 12 zodiac signs that correspond to these 12 court cards.

Wands (Fire signs): Aries (c); Leo (f); Sagittarius (m)

Swords (Air signs): Gemini (m); Libra (c); Aquarius (f)

Cups (Water signs): Cancer (c); Scorpio (f); Pisces (m)

Pentacles (Earth signs): Taurus (f); Virgo (m); Capricorn (c)

A regular deck of playing cards has 12 court cards. With the Tarot,we’re dealing with 16 court cards and these last four cards, the Pages, have eluded my understanding until now.

What a regular deck of playing cards has is Jokers. Usually there are two, but why not 4 wild cards for the Tarot? And it makes perfect sense.

Life throws us curve balls. Pages tell us from which area those curve balls might come. It could be a message or an unexpected change of circumstances on the microcosmic level.

Either way, when Pages come up in a reading, something unexpected this way comes.

©2018. I.O. Kirkwood. All rights reserved for text. Image may be subject to copyright.

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