The Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

This week, I drew the Knight of Cups. In my previous post on Court Cards, the Knights are described as cardinal energy and new beginnings. This fellow can also represent a Cancerian in your life.

Cancerians are very loving and tenacious people. They are family oriented and home-centered. But they aren’t push overs.

Cancerians will plot your destruction and carry it out if you hurt someone they love. They are also very sensitive to their environment and the people who surround them.

When upright, we see one or more of the positive traits of Cancerians, while reversed we see one or more of the uglier traits. Soon, I will write a post to address reversed cards.

This fellow can also represent a specific time in the continuum of past-present-future. The sun-time of Cancer runs from mid-June to mid-July.

The moon rules the sign of Cancer, which may indicate the situation falls within the moon’s one to two-day visit in Cancer or if the surrounding cards dictate, Moon-day of the week, or Monday.

Clients get excited when this card comes up. So many of us are seeking the person who complements us that we are hungry for any sign of a romantic interest. While the Knight of Cups can represent this, the surrounding cards, the question, and the card’s position will dictate the meaning.

The more likely meaning of this fellow is that you have experienced or will experience creative inspiration, the kind that springs from the heart and creates beauty and harmony if you so choose.

The Knight of Cups is also an emotional catalyst. You are dealing with or will have to navigate a situation charged with emotion. Or, you may have to deal with a person who is emotionally charged over an event that has occurred.

And if you know someone’s Sun-sign is in Cancer, or even the Ascendant or the Moon-sign, that person may play a pivotal role in the success or failure of a venture.

The Knight of Cups has many interpretations. The meaning will be determined on a reading-by-reading basis and will grant insight into the complex factors that shape your life.

Come find your best life at The Bridge Healing Center. While I can’t “predict” your future, I can help you shape your future.

Aman Nai*.

*Tolkien Elvish for “it shall be.” Can also be used to wish to another the “rightness of all that is.”

©2018. I.O. Kirkwood. All rights reserved for text. Image may be subject to copyright.

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