How I Feel about Religion and Why



Religion is a difficult subject that operates on beliefs rather than replicated facts. Beliefs are easy and require no examination. If all your friends jumped off the Golden Gate bridge, would you also? Religion would say you should because everyone else in the group is doing it. To me, that’s peer pressure.

No one, not a priest, not a psychic, and certainly not a prophet, can claim a direct and exclusive connection to God because the Source is everything. To cram the Source into one little flesh bag would translate that flesh out of existence. And no one stands outside of the Law.

No one. There are no gods that walk this earth. Enlightened humans? I’m on board. Gods, nah. Energies that represent facets of human experience? I’m on board. Worshiping anything, nah.

Any entity that presents itself as a direct line to God is suspect to me. It smacks of manipulation of a belief system. Deceit is a better word.

We’re here to experience everything that comprises the Source. To offer our experiences, through the spectrum of emotions, whether through prayer or ritual, is the most divine act. Gratitude for all experience is what creates an Enlightened human. It takes a crucible, filled with agony and pleasure, and all the emotions in between, to fuse a human with a Guardian Angel.

The Guardian Angel is a connection explained from verifiable sources whose existence has been replicated through repeated experiences by scholars, priests, and clerics across religious lines.

The Guardian Angel is the only source I tap when I conduct a reading. The Angel knows all my experiences and understands the will of the Source, whose spark each of us carries.  The Angel works from understanding and compassion that is far greater than humans can comprehend. This is a difficult connection to establish but well worth the effort.

That’s where I come in. I encourage you, in whatever faith you hold, to clear the way to your understanding of the intermediary known as the Guardian Angel.

I encourage you to determine the path that brings you the most joy, that clears the way to your Angel’s guidance.

I encourage you to tackle blockages so that you may approach any issues you have and address your well-being with the help of medical and psychological professionals, if necessary.

I also encourage you to share your experiences with me. I am not a saint or a prophet or even an enlightened human being.

I am a sounding board, one who has gone through, and continues to experience, a chaotic and painful existence to achieve oneness within and without.

I am a human with a mission, one that I have not refused as I grope blindly in the same dark my clients experience.

I don’t know all the answers, but I would be honored to help you create a life infused with meaning and purpose.

©2018. I.O. Kirkwood. All rights reserved for text. Image may be subject to copyright.

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