Financial Four-Card Spread

My favorite deck, don't remember the name, and I can't find it on U.S. Games Systems
The Financial Four-Card Cast for I.O. Kirkwood cards 1-4 from bottom to top

We all worry about our finances to some degree, but how does a Tarologist approach the sensitive subject of money? I did a reading for myself to illustrate the way a four-card spread works. It’s going to get awkward up in here, but bear with me.

The Financial Four-Card is a tool I created to assess beliefs (often distorted) about money, the reality faced, the delusion that sets up a road block, and the first step toward achieving financial independence. This sucker works. I got my turban handed to me so don’t judge.

Card 1: The belief – Nine of Cups

This one was an eye-opener. Nine is the card of endings and new beginnings. It represents the full cycle, the whole enchilada of experiences in a suit. Cups are emotion.

What this told me is that much of what I believe about wealth and prosperity is based in emotion. In fact, because of the full cycle, it represented the beliefs I inherited from my parents or other influential figures in my past.

My mother always told me that this card meant, “Be careful what you wish for.” In this case, it means that I was organizing my money plan around the dreams and wishes of others. Very few of my choices, including the house I bought, have been based on what I want from my money.

Card 2: The reality – Temperance

I still have trouble viewing my finances objectively. When trouble comes, I lose my shit internally. I look fine on the outside, but meanwhile I’m chewing astral fingernails and peering around proverbial corners.

What this told me is that my emotional and mental states very much influence the ebb and flow of my funds.

Temperance is a balancing of fire (fear) and water (faith) to create empowerment. Fire can drive the engine but faith should navigate and be served by the fire. This is the reality that is available to me.

Card 3: The limitation – Three of Wands

This one made me laugh because it forced me to look at how I shoot myself in the foot at every turn. Three is the number that lands between the action of two and the fruition of four while Wands speak to our will and actions.

Three is a gestation. The thought is out there, but it has not manifested. And that, dear reader is what makes my finances limp along month after month and year after year. I spend what has not come to fruition. I get ahead of myself. “Oh, I’ll be able to afford it with the next paycheck so I’ll get it now.” No.

Card 4: The first step – Nine of Swords

While it is a fearsome card, the Nine (enchilada) and swords denote the accumulation of all the mental anxiety that clogs my financial flow. The swords also give me the power to cut away the cords of attachment that followed me from childhood.

So, I had to set a few rules:

1. If you can’t pay in cash, you don’t need it.

2. Pay myself first.

3. Attend to all matters expeditiously (I seriously hate mail–electronic and paper).

These are a few solid goals I can achieve. I know I can achieve 2 because that’s what’s keeping my butt out of the fire. I did 3 today and it cut away so much heavy worry that I feel about nine times lighter.

1 is perhaps the most difficult for me to do. It’s been a while since I’ve touched cash. I have a girlfriend who does not have a bank account and only uses cash to pay for everything. I have so much respect for her discipline.

An important line of inquiry is also the placement of the client along class lines. This will give insight as to the general money environment that also shapes the clients views.

As a lower, middle-class kid with upper, middle-class aspirations, a “poverty” consciousness is programmed into my monkey-brain. This creates an instant gratification feed loop that sneaks up on me now and then. Never. Ever. Understimate the monkey.

(c)2018. I.O. Kirkwood. All rights reserved for text and primary image. Other images may be subject to copyright.


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