On Divination Tools

I’ve discussed the quantum physics of how divination works in previous posts. Entanglement works with the Tarot in a very obvious manner. But what about other tools used for divination?

To make your divination more effective, your client’s essence should entangle with the tool. This is a very simple and effective method of giving the best reading.

What about tools that are held in bags? How do you create an entanglement?
One of the methods used is to have the client breathe into the bag, say of runes or Chinese coins. That means one inhale and one exhale. The inhale brings the essence of the tool into the client. On the exhale, the client asks the question.

Another method is to have the client touch the tool. You can be very subtle about this, especially with a pendulum. The client touches the pendulum by steadying the point with her hands. Once the pendulum is released, questions may be asked.

Touch is magical. Without touch, we slowly wither away. Babies die from the lack of it.

There are those who read without touch and in some cases, this is necessary. If you are a medical psychic, you are using your aura to read the client’s aura. That is enough because to entangle closely with the client opens the door for you to manifest the illness in your own body.

Use your best judgment.

How to Clear a Divination Tool
Entanglement has occurred and you have another client to read. You have about 5-10 minutes to prepare. Always give yourself this time. Clear your aura. Clear your tool(s). You have to be fast and thorough. Here are some suggestions.

Tarot Cards
Use a stone meant for cleansing, like hematite, and place it on the deck. With your intention, ask the stone to pull entangled energy from the cards. You may leave the hematite on the cards until you take up the deck.

You must touch the deck first before every reading. You are the constant and the cards will recognize you and reestablish the connection to you very easily. You’re ready to go.

Do not store the hematite with your deck. Cleanse the stone as you would the pendulum, which is discussed below.

Tools in Bags
Your bag should be of a material that is natural to the earth. Silk, cotton, hemp, or even leather are suitable materials. Polyester is petroleum based and does not hold energy well. It doesn’t absorb the oils of the skin very well and feels unnatural to the touch.

Light a smudge stick. Place all of the runes on the table. Don’t worry if they’re in a jumble. Smudge the inside of the empty bag. Smudge the runes before you. Place the runes in the bag. Smudge the inside of the full bag. Boom. Ready to go.

You may also use a stone like hematite to place in the bag between readings. Make sure you massage the bag enough to give some extra cleansing. Let it sit as the you engage with the client in the usual pleasantries required to oil the wheels of social interaction.

Take out the hematite. Only use it for cleansing the essence of clients from your runes. If the hematite remains in the bag, it will clear your energy. Store them separately when not in use.

Cleanse the stone as you would the pendulum as discussed below.

A pendulum can be cleansed with a mixture of kosher salt and water (no fluoride as this is associated with the atrophy of the pineal gland which is our interface to the divine). While holding, dip the pendulum’s point into the water multiple times until it feels clear. Place the pendulum in your palm and rub it dry with a cotton cloth (a flour bag towel is ideas for this).

Keep the cloth safe from casual touch. You may store it with the pendulum. The cloth must serve only this purpose.

Ouija Boards
This tool has received so much negative press and there is a reason. In this form of divination, you are relying on outside forces to give answers. There is very little entanglement and frankly, I wouldn’t want to entangle with this tool.

Spirits exist outside of the human range of perception. Some vibrate at shorter wave lengths while others vibrate at longer wave lengths. If you are not rigorously trained in the art of Interfacing, the Ouija board can become a tool of unpleasant results. Many see it as a party game and will use it on Samhain when the veil between humans and spirits is at it’s thinnest.

In the world you perceive as “outside” of you, you attract that which is present in your inner world. If you are full of anger or skepticism, you will attract spirits of a longer vibration. If you are full of love and respect, you will attract spirits of a shorter vibration.

I don’t mess with the Ouija board unless I want to connect with a spirit that needs to cross over. Even then, I’m reluctant. It’s a last, desperate measure in my book. Too many negative beliefs surround this tool and it often opens the door to mischief.

You can make up your own ritual of cleansing as long as it adheres to the entanglement process. Essence must be co-mingled to get the most effective reading.

The divination tools are an interface between the client and you. They give you greater control over the reading and buffer you from negative energies. They create a boundary that you may defend from encroaching and inhibiting emotions such as fear and anger.

Those who don’t use divination tools to read must adhere to a much stricter method of cleansing. There is nothing wrong with this method, but it isn’t advised for those who are just starting on the path.

The practice of reading without tools is an advanced method, one that requires years of training in a protected environment. I use the cards because of my heightened empathy, which might create boundary issues between the client and me. I do not want to carry the client’s energy home.

Questions on divination tools are welcome so please post below.

Aman Nai

©2018. I.O. Kirkwood. All rights reserved for text. Image(s) may be subject to copyright.

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