Psychic Self-Defense: A Beginner’s Course

Psychic Self Defense


There’s a misconception that surrounds psychic self-defense. Many think of wizards and witches who wield unbelievable powers to defend themselves from the evils of the world. Somehow, only the most skilled psychics need this type of defense.

Not true. Psychic self-defense is a necessity for everyone on the path to enlightenment, especially for energy workers or healers.

Psychic self-defense is a form of self-care. To maintain spiritual integrity as energy workers, we must protect ourselves from the malicious. We must protect ourselves every day and in our own homes where we may not have the luxury to choose our roommates.

At the same time, as energy workers, we want to be receptive to energies that help us identify imbalance within and heal those who seek our help.

Psychic self-defense has two categories of action:

  1. Discernment
  2. Boundaries

Discernment is a blade that cuts away bonds that no longer serve one’s life mission. Boundaries are the shield that prevents the reestablishment of unwanted bonds.

View yourself at the subtler levels of energy. Threads of connection attach to every power center in your body:

  1. Bonds you have created
  2. Bonds you have allowed
  3. Bonds mutually created

Examine these bonds. Name them. Put them in one of the categories.

You are responsible for the bonds you create. These bonds may be relationships, wants, needs, and/or illusions. Determine which support or thwart your life mission.

Once you have established who is who in your life, use your blade to cut the bonds that do not serve your life mission. Cut those bonds as many times as necessary.

After cutting or strengthening bonds in the process of discernment, establish what you will or will not permit with each bond. Create boundaries.

There are three types of boundaries:

  1. You shall not pass!
  2. Knock first
  3. Tribe

Those who are shall-not-pass do more harm than good. Cut them out and keep them out.

The knock-first are those who request entrance into your home. They stay for a certain period and for certain activities. Group working is an example.

Then there is tribe. These are the people who have proven they want only the best for you. You share your inner fortress with them because they are an added line of psychic self-care.

Use your shield to only allow those bonds you require for your life mission. Maintain neutrality with bonds that cause harm, bonds that are needy, and bonds that are sexualized without consent.

The most powerful boundary is indifference. You are moved by neither revenge nor desire. The urge to proselytize your healing prowess is transformed into patience. This patience allows others to ask for your help and avoids unwanted bonds.

Tribe bonds still need boundaries.  Bonds, and their purposes, are negotiated on a regular basis. Some tribe members may fall by the wayside. You decide when to let go.

As an energy worker, you are called to make intentional bonds. The claim of ignorance is a denial of responsibility for your actions.

You are not called to vanquish chaos. Instead deflect those energies that inhibit your growth as an energy worker. As you practice intentional psychic self-defense, your blade will sharpen, and your shield will strengthen.

No matter how you approach self-care, remember to go in peace, create peace, and live peace.

Aman Nai.

©2018. I.O. Kirkwood. Tarot by IOK. All rights reserved for text. Images maybe subject to copyright.

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