I.O. is an intuitive from a family that is believed to have practiced the “psychic” arts for generations under many guises. Trained by her mother, she has been reading cards for over thirty years, honing her craft and her talents.

With a Bachelors in Cultural Anthropology that focused on religions and interpersonal relationships, I.O. practices her craft with sensitivity and compassion. Every reading is held in confidence, with the same attention to non-disclosure as a doctor or a lawyer.

I.O.’s unique approach stresses the well-being of the client and provides opportunities for growth and joy. Blending the hidden arts with ground-breaking discoveries in science, she dispels the myths and the superstitions that surround the Tarot.

Experience the transformation that awaits you.  Skeptics have walked away in amazement, while others have changed their lives to better reflect their dreams. Craft your path to life purpose with I.O.’s gentle yet practical approach.

Aman Nai. Namaste. May peace be with you.